Personi-guys Gift Guide

Welcome back to this week’s gift guide as we share gift ideas for all the men in your life!

Is it just us, or are men notoriously difficult to shop for? Dads, brothers, husbands, fathers-in-law, uncles, sons… they can all be a mystery! Finding a great gift for guys can be a struggle, but never fear – we are here to help!

If the men in your life enjoy drinking spirits like whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, the Corkcicle whiskey wedge set is the gift for you! Each set comes with a glass and a silicone ice form, allowing water to freeze in a wedge shape along the side of the glass. This allows the ice to melt slowly, helping the drink stay flavorful and undiluted for longer. Pair this with a new bottle of whiskey or their favorite spirit for an easy gift!

Another handy and useful gift idea comes from the company Stojo, maker of collapsible drinkware. We carry 16 oz collapsible cups and 20 oz collapsible water bottles in several neutral colors, like light grey, black, and sage green.

Each cup or bottle is leakproof and dishwasher safe and collapses into a small disc or base for easy storage. Stojo cups and bottles are perfect gifts for a frequent traveler or someone with a long commute. They’re easy to clean and great to throw in a carry-on bag or backpack on the way out the door!

If your guy is adventurous or loves to travel, consider giving him a Wildsam field guide. These field guides tell the true stories of a place, invoking curiosity, connection, and wonder. Each field guide is made with the help of over a dozen experts or local voices to help the reader engage in authentic experiences in each place they visit. Each field guide is also pocket sized, making it easy to pack and carry on an adventure. We have more local guides, like the Atlanta or American South Field Guide, or national guides, like the Yellowstone or Grand Canyon Field Guide. We even have a galactic field guide, A Field Guide To The Moon, which would be a sure hit for anyone interested in space! 

Finally, keep the men in your life smelling and looking great with a variety of Duke Cannon Supply Co. products. Duke Cannon is an American based company that specializes in men’s toiletry products. Duke Cannon uses quality ingredients in their products and also gives a portion of their proceeds to benefit veterans and active duty members of the military. A win win! We carry a full line of Duke Cannon products at the store, but a special selection of gifts are currently available on our website. The Winter Survival Tube would help any guy survive the cold winter. It features hand balm, lip balm, and face lotion to help men’s skin make it through the winter, as well as three bonus cooling field towels that could be used year round.  

Perhaps you know a man whose working from home beard might be a little out of control? The Best Damn Beard Wash and Beard Oil would be a great fit for him! These products will help tame your guy’s unkempt beard without drying out his skin or causing break-outs. 

Finally, these festive soaps make fun and hilarious stocking stuffers. Each hefty soap weighs 10 oz, which is about 3 times larger than other seasonal soaps. These big ass bars of soap come in seasonal scents that will be enjoyed during the holidays and well into the new year. The Griswold in me loves the Illegally Cut Pine Soap, but the Frothy The Beer Man and Big Ass Lump Of Coal soaps are also winners!

Happy shopping! Please join us again next week as we share a few gift ideas for teachers!


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