Stocking Stuffers/Last Minute Gifts

The time has come – Christmas week is upon us! While we’re hoping your holiday shopping is done, you may have a few odds and ends to buy. We’ll be sharing stocking stuffers and other small last minute gifts this week, so let’s dive right in!

These motel style key tags from St. Louis based Golden Gems are a perfect stocking stuffer for any of the boss babes in your life. Coming in fun colors and patterns, these key tags are a petite pep talk to hook on any set of keys.

Hair accessories are a small, easy gift to tuck into a stocking, and we have many beautiful options available on our site and in the store. Keep bringing the 90s are back by gifting a scrunchie! Some of our favorite scrunchies include the colorful Get It Together Scrunchie Set (pictured below) and Rifle Paper Co.’s Marguerite or Strawberry Fields Scrunchies, which are floral and perfect to wear into spring.

Bandanas are another versatile, gender neutral stocking stuffer. Bandanas can be used as a handkerchief, bib, cloth napkin, neckerchief, scarf, hanky, baby wipe, and more! We have a variety of premium cotton bandanas that would make a useful gift for anyone on your list.

Binky and Lulu earrings are a lovely, lightweight option to pack into a stocking. Not only are these earrings beautiful, but they are made in small batches using sustainably sourced mango wood by artisans in the Philippines. Binky and Lulu have simple, yet elegant designs and feature beautifully dyed and painted colors and patterns. The Cortado Mini Tile Hoops have a funky and trendy checkerboard pattern, while the Pearl Abalone Small Hoops have a classic color and shape that will look great throughout the year.

A journal or planner makes a lovely gift, helping whoever receives them to get organized and begin the new year with reflection and intention. If you know and love a planner or journal-er, consider giving them the Back to Nature Journal or the Back to Nature Planner. These notebooks are beautiful and have plenty of space for jotting down to-do lists, reflections, and thoughts for the upcoming year.

Finally, Jellycats are a stocking stuffer that will please both the young and the young at heart! These soft and cheeky plush toys are popular best sellers at the store and are available in a variety of sizes and animal, fruit, vegetable, or seasonal shapes. The Fabulous Fruit Peach or Vivacious Vegetable Radish are small, sweet toys to put in a stocking for a kiddo, while the Wild Nature Boletus Mushroom or the Amuseable Dragon Tree make great gifts for grown ups, a perfect way to add some merriment to a desk in a home office.

Happy shopping! We wish you and yours a very happy holidays and all the best in the new year!


Last Minute Teacher Gifts

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but the end of the year is upon us! If you have kiddos in school, you know the fall semester is wrapping up and the end of school for the year is rapidly approaching. It has been quite a year (or two) for teachers, and the holidays are a great time to treat a weary teacher to something special. While you can’t give them what they really want (a higher salary, smaller class size, or an end to the pandemic, to name a few), we have some lovely and useful gift options here at the store that would be a nice treat for your kiddo’s favorite teachers.

Let’s start with reusable bags! Even in these days with lots of digital learning, teachers have a lot of stuff to haul around. A beautiful and thoughtful solution to this problem is Baggu reusable bags. Baggu bags come in two sizes, baby and standard, and each bag can fold up into its own small, flat pouch. The standard size reusable bags can carry 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff, while the baby Baggu is perfect for carrying smaller things like a lunch or an extra pair of shoes. The best part about Baggu bags, though, are their beautiful prints! We have some gorgeous and festive options in the shop right now, like the Madras Metallic reusable bag and the Blue Red Buffalo Check reusable bag, pictured below in the standard size.

Many teachers pack their lunch everyday, so why not give a teacher something to help make lunch a little easier and more fun? Enter Stasher bags! Stasher bags are made of endlessly reusable food grade silicone and come in a variety of lovely colors and three perfect sizes – snack, sandwich (pictured below), and stand up mid bags. These bags are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe, and they are leak proof, making them perfect to throw in a bag or lunch box. Plus, you can label the bags with a non-toxic chalk or dry erase marker (you know teachers love a label!). These bags make a handy, eco-friendly gift that can be used over and over again. Toss some homemade cookies in a snack or sandwich sized Stasher bag to make your gift extra special!

Mugs are very popular teacher gifts, but many teachers can have one too many mugs, many festooned with apples or pencils. A more useful alternative to a traditional mug is a to go cup, like the Terrazzo Porter mugs. These mugs are colorful and stylish, as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. They fit in most car cup holders and are splash resistant, making them a great option for taking into school in the morning. The new mint green mug is so lovely and fun, while the charcoal Porter mug is a classic, gender neutral option. We also have a variety of Corkcicle drinkware products available in our store that will keep a teacher’s coffee piping hot for hours.

Finally, there’s one more gift that could work for any teacher (or person) on your list – a Personify gift card! You can decide the amount and then either pick up a card in our store or order one online. Online gift cards are delivered straight to an email address with instructions on how to redeem the gift card at checkout. Either option is a low stress way to give a great and thoughtful teacher gift. With a gift card, your kiddo’s teacher can find something that will truly love.

Happy shopping! Please join us again next week as we share last minute stocking stuffers and gifts for everyone!

Personi-guys Gift Guide

Welcome back to this week’s gift guide as we share gift ideas for all the men in your life!

Is it just us, or are men notoriously difficult to shop for? Dads, brothers, husbands, fathers-in-law, uncles, sons… they can all be a mystery! Finding a great gift for guys can be a struggle, but never fear – we are here to help!

If the men in your life enjoy drinking spirits like whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, the Corkcicle whiskey wedge set is the gift for you! Each set comes with a glass and a silicone ice form, allowing water to freeze in a wedge shape along the side of the glass. This allows the ice to melt slowly, helping the drink stay flavorful and undiluted for longer. Pair this with a new bottle of whiskey or their favorite spirit for an easy gift!

Another handy and useful gift idea comes from the company Stojo, maker of collapsible drinkware. We carry 16 oz collapsible cups and 20 oz collapsible water bottles in several neutral colors, like light grey, black, and sage green.

Each cup or bottle is leakproof and dishwasher safe and collapses into a small disc or base for easy storage. Stojo cups and bottles are perfect gifts for a frequent traveler or someone with a long commute. They’re easy to clean and great to throw in a carry-on bag or backpack on the way out the door!

If your guy is adventurous or loves to travel, consider giving him a Wildsam field guide. These field guides tell the true stories of a place, invoking curiosity, connection, and wonder. Each field guide is made with the help of over a dozen experts or local voices to help the reader engage in authentic experiences in each place they visit. Each field guide is also pocket sized, making it easy to pack and carry on an adventure. We have more local guides, like the Atlanta or American South Field Guide, or national guides, like the Yellowstone or Grand Canyon Field Guide. We even have a galactic field guide, A Field Guide To The Moon, which would be a sure hit for anyone interested in space! 

Finally, keep the men in your life smelling and looking great with a variety of Duke Cannon Supply Co. products. Duke Cannon is an American based company that specializes in men’s toiletry products. Duke Cannon uses quality ingredients in their products and also gives a portion of their proceeds to benefit veterans and active duty members of the military. A win win! We carry a full line of Duke Cannon products at the store, but a special selection of gifts are currently available on our website. The Winter Survival Tube would help any guy survive the cold winter. It features hand balm, lip balm, and face lotion to help men’s skin make it through the winter, as well as three bonus cooling field towels that could be used year round.  

Perhaps you know a man whose working from home beard might be a little out of control? The Best Damn Beard Wash and Beard Oil would be a great fit for him! These products will help tame your guy’s unkempt beard without drying out his skin or causing break-outs. 

Finally, these festive soaps make fun and hilarious stocking stuffers. Each hefty soap weighs 10 oz, which is about 3 times larger than other seasonal soaps. These big ass bars of soap come in seasonal scents that will be enjoyed during the holidays and well into the new year. The Griswold in me loves the Illegally Cut Pine Soap, but the Frothy The Beer Man and Big Ass Lump Of Coal soaps are also winners!

Happy shopping! Please join us again next week as we share a few gift ideas for teachers!

Personify Gift Guide – Host Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, and that means the gift giving season has begun! Over these next few weeks before Christmas, we here at Personify will be sharing some of our favorite items to give. We will be providing gift ideas for all the people in your life, even those who can be very difficult to shop for (looking at you, husbands, brothers, dads, and fathers-in-law!). Our hope is to make this holiday season a little easier and certainly more merry! Let’s begin with host gifts!

Planning, preparing, and executing a big family meal or a holiday party is no joke, so what better way to say thank you than preparing a thoughtful and useful gift for your host? A wonderful way to say thank you is with a seasonal tea towel, candle, or wine glass.

We have a variety of beautiful tea towels in the shop right now that would make perfect host gifts. These towels make a great stand alone gift or can be used as gift wrap for another present. Wrap one of these towels around a bottle of wine or a seasonal spirit, tie it with a festive ribbon, and your work is done! A sweet and beautiful host gift is in the bag!

This Christmas tree farm tea towel from Rifle Paper Co. has a classic, vintage vibe that we are here for!

These holiday tea towels come in a more natural and rustic oatmeal color, which is easier for disguising cooking stains. These would make a great gift for a host who loves to cook, but might also love making a mess.

The Dobby plaid dish towel set is not only beautiful, but it comes with three towels – three potential gifts! Snag one of these sets, and you could even save one of these towels for yourself! 😉 While these towels come in seasonally appropriate plaid colors, they do not have any holiday images and messages and, thus, could be used by your host all year long.

We have an assortment of holiday candles from Nashville based Paddywax that will be sure to please your host. These beautiful holiday tin candles are small, but mighty with burn times of 35-40 hours each. Each 5 oz candle features soy based wax, an all cotton wick, and a lovely, seasonal scent that will delight the senses.

As a company, Paddywax ensures that their vessels can be repurposed after the candle’s wax has run out. These glass candles feature cheery messages and delightful scents, and the jars can be reused and repurposed for next year’s eggnog or holiday cocktail. Spread joy by giving a gift that can be used and appreciated year after year.

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last! A store favorite from this season is back – the very fun stemless wine glass with star figurine! These have been super popular in the store, and we are delighted that they are restocked. These glasses are so cute and festive. Gift these with a bottle of white wine or the ingredients for a festive seasonal cocktail, and it will be a hit with your host!

Join us next week for our first ever Personi-GUYS gift guide! We’ll be sharing ideas for all the men in your life.

Spring Clothes

Our new clothes arrived last week and were very popular in store this weekend. They have a freestyle, weekend relaxation feel. I actually tried them all on and want one of each! To add to the fun, we are offering free shipping on ALL clothes through Thursday (4/14/16): use code SHOPCLOTHES to get free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

See all the new styles below:


riviera-tunic-personify-31. Riviera Tunic Top // $34


lace-blouse-personify-12. Delicate Woven Blouse with Lace // $42

Blush Darling Slouch Dress

blush-peasant-dress-personify-33. Blush Darling Slouch Dress // $42


elsie-sleeveless-top-personify-24. Elsie Sleeveless Lace Top // $28


embroidered-babydoll-personify-45. Embroidered Lightweight Babydoll Top // $34


slubby-boyfriend-personify-36. Navy Slubby Plaid Boyfriend Top // $36


Holiday Gift Guide for Kids & Baby


1. Basil the Dog Jewelry Cast Your Nets Wherever You Wish Star Bracelet $15 2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co $30 3. Home by Carson Ellis $16.99 4. Meri Meri Moon & Stars Tattoos $2.25 5. Meri Meri Dinosaur Tattoos $2.25 6. Pehr Designs Woodland Animals Mobile $70 7. Bla Bla Kids Mirabelle Bunny $48 8. Bla Bla Kids Pierre Bunny $48 9. Meri Meri Alphabet Stickers $5.95 10. Pehr Designs Painted Dots Swaddle Blanket $21 11. Rifle Paper Co Animal Chart Card $4.50

Our holiday gift guide for kids and babies has a selection of whimsical books, toys, and knick knacks for the little ones in your life. Some of these are also great for expectant mothers.

Holiday Gift Guide for Hosts & Hostesses

blog-holiday-hostess1. Rifle Paper Co Colorblock Thank You Card $4.50 2. Baggu Brown Pouch $28 3. Honeycomb Studio Salt Cellar $36 4. Grandmother’s Buttons Quattro Earrings $27 5. P.F. Candles Spruce Candle $18 6. Rifle Paper Co Nutcracker Card Set $16 7. Amanda Blair Dexheimer Ceramic Boat $30 8. Santa Ornaments $12 9. Pehr Designs Blot Tea Towel Blue $16 10. Pehr Designs Blot Tea Towel Yellow $16 11. Second Nature by Hand Happy Happy Happy Sign $32

This Holiday Gift Guide for Hosts and Hostesses is perfect for all the holiday parties you have to attend and all the traveling you have to do this holiday season. Say “Thank You” with these thoughtful gifts.

Holiday Gifts for Him

holiday-gift-guide-him1. Second Nature by Hand You’re the Type of Boy I’d Make a Sandwich For Wooden Sign $32 2.Pendleton Camping Blanket in Mineral Umber $125 (call 706-782-0388) 3. Red Cap Cards Hello Duck Card $4.50 4. Barr-co Oatmeal Soap $10.50 5. Pendleton Spider Rock Beach Towel $52 (call 706-782-0388) 6. P.F. Candles Teakwood & Tobacco $18 7. Fish Bottle Opener $9 8. Small Adventure North American Animals Card Set $18 9. Honeycomb Studio Bar Accessories ($ varied) 10. Oversized Cutting Board $80 11. S’well Woodgrain Bottle $35 12. Franklin Barbecue Cookbook $29.99

Our Holiday gift guide for him is great for dads, husbands, brothers, father in laws, brother in laws, friends, boyfriends, and all the men in your life.

Before & After Furniture Edition

We love unique furniture and giving pieces new life here at Personify Shop. Our desire is to fill your home and life with an eclectic mix of old and new. Here’s a look at the before and after of a current antique piece at the shop that exemplifies the Personify Shop ideal of personalizing your world.

BEFORE: We found this sad settee at one of our favorite places to find unique items. The intricate carved wood at the bottom was too interesting to pass up. We had never seen a piece like it. But the fabric was dismal and the cushion was drooping and saggy. We knew it needed some love and refurbishment.


AFTER: We had the upholstery redone in a gorgeous citron yellow velvet fabric. We took the badly done cushion off, added cushion to the the seat itself, and voila! This settee is perfect for dining, a bedroom, a hallway, or living room. The antique charm and intricate design of the carved wooden legs makes this piece truly unique. The color and fabric choice modernizes the piece a bit and makes it pop. The pillows in the picture are also available here.








If you’re interested in the piece for your home, please call us at 706-782-0388.



A Tribute To Mom /// and Business Partner

Monet's "The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil," 1880

Monet’s The Artist’s Garden at Vetheuil, 1880

I’ll never be able to give back everything that was given to me by my mom, but  I wish I could in some ways. I hope my children one day say the same of me.

I wish I could send her a note in her lunchbox every day saying  “I love you, have the best day ever.”

I wish I could go to her tennis matches, basketball games, and cross country meets even though I know she hates them.

I wish I could take her to the hospital every damn time she has strept throat.

I wish I could let her crawl into bed with me when she is scared.

I wish I could do these things, and many many more, because she did all these things for me.

My friends are starting to become mothers and I’m learning that this is what Motherhood (and parenthood in general) is: giving it all without getting much back. I hope though that I can give back some of the all-in love I had as a child now in our adult relationship.

I hope my mom knows she has someone on her team on the days when it seems like everyone else is on a different team.

I hope my mother can see me give my life away to my kids as she did for me.

I hope my husband and I can honor her in ways she has never been honored before.

I hope we can invite her over for dinner and feed her 1/1000 of the times she has fed me.

I hope Basil always gets excited when I tell her we are going to see her “Loppy.”

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! We love you so much. I love you so much.

Lunchbox Love Note
By Kenn Nesbitt

Inside my lunch
to my surprise
a perfect heart-shaped
love note lies.

The outside says,
“Will you be mine?”
and, “Will you be
my valentine?”

I take it out
and wonder who
would want to tell me
“I love you.”

Perhaps a girl
who’s much too shy
to hand it to me
eye to eye.

Or maybe it
was sweetly penned
in private by
a secret friend

Who found my lunchbox
sitting by
and slid the note in
on the sly.

Oh, I’d be thrilled
if it were Jo,
the cute one in
the second row.

Or could it be
from Jennifer?
Has she found out
I’m sweet on her?

My mind’s abuzz,
my shoulders tense.
I need no more
of this suspense.

My stomach lurching
in my throat,
I open up
my little note.

Then wham! as if
it were a bomb,
inside it reads,
“I love you—Mom.”