Personify Gift Guide – Host Gifts

The holiday season is upon us, and that means the gift giving season has begun! Over these next few weeks before Christmas, we here at Personify will be sharing some of our favorite items to give. We will be providing gift ideas for all the people in your life, even those who can be very difficult to shop for (looking at you, husbands, brothers, dads, and fathers-in-law!). Our hope is to make this holiday season a little easier and certainly more merry! Let’s begin with host gifts!

Planning, preparing, and executing a big family meal or a holiday party is no joke, so what better way to say thank you than preparing a thoughtful and useful gift for your host? A wonderful way to say thank you is with a seasonal tea towel, candle, or wine glass.

We have a variety of beautiful tea towels in the shop right now that would make perfect host gifts. These towels make a great stand alone gift or can be used as gift wrap for another present. Wrap one of these towels around a bottle of wine or a seasonal spirit, tie it with a festive ribbon, and your work is done! A sweet and beautiful host gift is in the bag!

This Christmas tree farm tea towel from Rifle Paper Co. has a classic, vintage vibe that we are here for!

These holiday tea towels come in a more natural and rustic oatmeal color, which is easier for disguising cooking stains. These would make a great gift for a host who loves to cook, but might also love making a mess.

The Dobby plaid dish towel set is not only beautiful, but it comes with three towels – three potential gifts! Snag one of these sets, and you could even save one of these towels for yourself! 😉 While these towels come in seasonally appropriate plaid colors, they do not have any holiday images and messages and, thus, could be used by your host all year long.

We have an assortment of holiday candles from Nashville based Paddywax that will be sure to please your host. These beautiful holiday tin candles are small, but mighty with burn times of 35-40 hours each. Each 5 oz candle features soy based wax, an all cotton wick, and a lovely, seasonal scent that will delight the senses.

As a company, Paddywax ensures that their vessels can be repurposed after the candle’s wax has run out. These glass candles feature cheery messages and delightful scents, and the jars can be reused and repurposed for next year’s eggnog or holiday cocktail. Spread joy by giving a gift that can be used and appreciated year after year.

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last! A store favorite from this season is back – the very fun stemless wine glass with star figurine! These have been super popular in the store, and we are delighted that they are restocked. These glasses are so cute and festive. Gift these with a bottle of white wine or the ingredients for a festive seasonal cocktail, and it will be a hit with your host!

Join us next week for our first ever Personi-GUYS gift guide! We’ll be sharing ideas for all the men in your life.


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