Creative Friends: Holly Von Lanken Photography

I’m starting a new blog series called Creative Friends! Now I can show you what my awesome creative friends are doing.

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First up is Holly Von Lanken. She’s a wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based out of Atlanta. She’s a good friend and amazing photographer. We had her come shoot the shop last fall and the pictures were insanely beautiful. Check out her interview below.

photo by Kaitie Bryant

headshot by Kaitie Bryant

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1. How did you get started with what you do?

I got my first DSLR camera right after I graduated college in 2011.  Mostly, I just took pictures for fun.  Eventually, one of my friends got engaged and suggested that I take their engagement photos.  I absolutely loved taking photos for other people because I saw how much joy it brought them.  I slowly started honing my craft and learning from others and toying with the idea of photography as a business. I learned a lot from fellow creatives and took the opportunities that came.

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2. How would you describe your aesthetic?

 My style is very clean, organic and natural.  I want to photograph life the way it is, while also being beautiful and timeless with a nod to the days of film.

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3.What’s your favorite thing about being a photographer?

My favorite thing about being a photographer is really getting to know people. When you’re with someone and their entire crazy family on their wedding day, you get to know them really well.  I like getting to share those moments with them and hopefully be a calming and joyful presence.

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4. What’s your least favorite?

taxes. yuck.

5. Business advice?

Make your business legit from the get go.  If you’re going to advertise yourself and you intend to make a profit, you need a business license.  You will look and feel more confident to potential clients, plus there’s some added liability protection.

6.What’s your favorite thing at Personify Shop?

Oh man.  So hard to choose!  I love all the Pendleton products and those P.F. Candles smell so good.

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7. My favorite party question: If you could hang out with any three people this Friday night, who would you pick?

Monica, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe (Ok that was 6… but you can’t split them up!)

8. How do you know the ladies at Personify Shop?

I went to UGA with Maddie where we were both involved in Campus Outreach.



Style Inspiration: Justina Blakeney and the Jungalow

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is my all-time favorite designer and one Tammy and I just can’t get enough of. Her style is eclectic, bohemian, and jungalicious (full of patterns & plants). We sell her design book The New Bohemians. This book is the perfect gift for the vibrant people in your life. Do yourself a favor and follow her Jungalow and Justina Blakeney Instagrams. Check out some of my favorite of her designs below as well as when she answered my Instagram question on Periscope! Yay!

justina blakeney the new bohemians book at personify shopHer book The New Bohemians. You need it. Trust me.

justina blakeney pink personify shop style inpirationHer design for Claypso Maison.

justina blakeney house personify shop style inspirationIn her home. That Charley Harper books is one of my favorites.

Justina Blakeney Junaglow kitchen redo personify shop style inspoHer kitchen redo aka the best thing ever. Watch out for these green tones this year. They’re coming…

justina blakeney junaglow style inpiration

  This Blush cabinet in her home/studio has inspired me to paint more furniture pieces this year. Also, it’s the perfect pink. I want.


Her new wallpaper collection from Hygge & West is unreal beautiful. This one is my favorite.

At the Gather Weekend I attended last year (see my previous post), they encouraged us to make a “design tree” of our favorite designers aka find out who they are inspired by. So, I asked Justina, “What are you creative influences and inspiration?” AND she answered!!! Ahh! She answered my question live on Persicope. It was amazing.


Justina Blakeney on Persicope










And here’s what she said:

  1. Jonathan Adler
    Justina Blakeney Inspiration

2. The Women Painters of MithilaJustina Blakeney Inspiration

3. Midcentury Modern Art in Nigeria

4. Picasso LinocutsJustina Blakeney Inspiration

5. The Ultimate House Book by Terrence ConranJustina Blakeney Inspiration

6. Frida KahloJustina Blakeney Inspiration

So there you have it. That’s what inspires the amazing Justina Blakeney.


Before & After: Furniture Edition

It’s time for another Before & After Furniture Edition. This time with a set of four vintage wooden chairs.

The Before:

set of four reupholstered chairs at personify shop before

Although we loved the bright blue fabric, the upholstery was a hack job. There were staples showing (read: GROSS) and it was all puffy in all the wrong places. They were very uncomfortable and the cushions needed replacing.

The Process:


We had all the fabric removed, the cushions replaced, and we used this polka dot fabric.

The After:

set of four reupholstered chairs at personify shop

I love how the black and white fabric has a little bit of classic, a little bit of whimsy, a little bit of masculine and feminine, and neutrality. These chairs could fit into almost any space!

set of four reupholstered chairs at personify shop backWe reversed the fabric on the back panel and it ended up being my favorite detail of the project.

Now the chairs are comfortable & beautiful… The perfect combo.Save

Things I Learned at Gather Workshop

I attended Gather Workshop in October 2015 and it was a fabulous time getting to know other creatives, hearing lots of entrepreneurial advice, and dreaming about Personify Shop. Gather Workshop was started by two creative women, Mattie Tiegreen and Kaitie Bryant. I met Kaitie at the Back to Cool Market by Indie South Fair while selling my Pepper and Orange jewelry. I basically stalked her because I knew who she was, she had photographed a few of my friends’ weddings, and we got to talking about Gather. I decided to attend last minute and am so glad I did!

Here are a few things I learned:

  1. I was able to narrow down our style aesthetic for Personify Shop. We were asked to come up with some images that spoke to what we wanted our brand to look like.

    It gave me a clearer picture of what types of products we wanted to have and the overall vibe for our store. We love color, we love bohemian, we love whimsy, we love western, we love folk, we love dreamy, we love playful, we love vintage, and we love modern. Now, if we are thinking about buying something or bringing a new vendor on board, I ask myself if it is a good combination of these things. Our style is modern whimsy.

  2. Kaitie Bryant gave me an idea for a Blog series and I’ve already started working on one!

    Kaitie Bryant's presentation on Living a Creative Life. Photo by Maz Wanger for

    Kaitie Bryant’s presentation on Living a Creative Life. Photo by Maz Wanger for

    I just love this idea. Figure out who inspires the people you are inspired by. Stay tuned for posts about Katy Perry and Justina Blakeney of the Jungalow.

  3. Also in Kaitie’s talk on Living a Creative Life she said, “The easier it is to quantify your work, the less its worth. Create work that can’t be quantified, can’t be copied because it is a unique blend and has something in it that makes it MAGIC.” I love this because sometimes in retail it’s easy to just sell what someone else is selling, but I know people don’t buy from us to get the best deal. They love our unique blend of products, style, and the little things we offer customers that companies like Target don’t.


  4. Mattie Tiegreen’s talk on Branding. Mattie has a business building brand identities and design called Green Tie Studio.


    Mattie talked about how to best parts of your business are going to be the best parts of your personality. I love how my business partner (and mom) and I have two different skill sets so our business can be more well rounded. I know I’m not great at the customer service side of the business, but I know she is. I’m really good at researching new products and artists and creating a specific look for the store.

  5. Shanna Skidmore’s talk on Creating a Success Mindset. Shanna Skidmore is a business and finance coach for women in the creative field.

    This one really blew my mind. She talked about shifting the way you think about your business from having as much financial success as possible to really defining your financial need… both in your personal life and business. What do you really need to be making? What do you want your life to look like while running this business?

  6. This one is from Kaitie’s talk on Boundaries and Balance and ties into the last one.

    bryant-freedomShe talked about how you can build your business around what works for you, instead of being a slave to it. Entrepreneurship should bring freedom, not bondage.

    Here are some more pictures…

    Photo by Eliza Morrill. Kaitie Bryant wearing a Pepper and Orange Necklace!

    Photo by Eliza Morrill. Kaitie Bryant wearing a Pepper and Orange Necklace!

    Katie Bryant ended up purchasing one of my necklaces that she saw at the craft fair the first time we met! Then she featured me as a Gather 12 days of Christmas maker on Instagram.

    Some pictures of a few pieces I brought to the weekend:

    Don’t I look like I’m having fun? Because I was.

    Me painting at the Mini Studio Sesh with Britt Bass Turner

    The whole crew! It was a blast!


You should definitely attend! They have the conference multiple times a year.



Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Mother's Day Guft Guide 2015

1. Rifle Paper Co Weekly Desk Planner $12 || 2. Barr-Co Oatmeal Hand and Body Cream $25 || 3. The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney $35 || 4. Ali and Bird Saffron Shell with Lapis Necklace $110 || 5. Tammy Lopez Original Painting “Pastel Cove” $545 || 6. Pehr Designs Mustard Poppy Bin $40

Now, moms should feel special all year long, but, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mom how much you really appreciate her. I’ve come up with my top picks for Mother’s Day that work in any budget. As I told a friend the other day that said, “I don’t usually get my mom anything for Mother’s Day (lol)”… It’s about time to start & I bet your mom doesn’t think that’s funny! (it was a boy, obvi)

1. I don’t know anyone who needs to be more organized than Mom so help her out with this gorgeous and pretty in pink weekly deskpad planner from Rifle Paper Co. There are 52 easy tear off pages. Not only can Mom keep track of weekly meetings, appointments, and events, but she can jot down notes, phone calls, and lists.

2. Help Mom feel luxurious with this amazing Oatmeal Hand and Body Cream from Barr-Co Bath & Body.  The cream is made with shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, natural botanicals, aloe leaf juice, and other ingredients known to moisturize skin (yummy). It’s even perfect for moms to be.

3. Not much to say about The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney other than IT”S AMAZING and I would be happy to get this present any day of the year. She has amazing taste and style. The homes have so much personality and offer many hours of eye candy perusing. Not a book your Mom would love? Check out our growing selection of books.

4. We just launched the entire Ali & Bird Spring 2015 collection online and this necklace is one of my favorites. I love the color combination and it’s perfect for spring, summer, and even fall.

5. Your Mom needs this amazing Tammy Lopez original to hang on her wall (definitely my favorite to date)! The soft pastel color palette is perfect for Mother’s Day. WOW your Mom with this amazing, one of a kind, piece of art. Call 706-782-0388 for more information.

6. These Pehr Designs bucket bags/linen storage baskets are both versatile and stylish. Help Mom keep the house clean and organized with this lovely Mustard Poppy bin.

If you think Mom would rather pick out her own gift, we now offer gift cards both online and in store! Stop by to purchase an in-store card:

Personify Shop Gift Cards

Or even easier: Order one online below, print off, and bam! Mom will be a very happy camper. Remember, we have free shipping on most items when order exceeds $50.

Personify Shop online gift certificate

And now that the stress of finding a gift is over, let the Mom celebrating begin!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

valentines day gift guide 2015 personify shop1. Pehr Designs Coral Wave Tote $38 || 2. Rifle Paper Co “Je T’Aime” Floral Card $4.5 || 3. In2Green Serape Throw $165 || 4. Votivo Pink Mimosa Scented Candle $26 || 5. Tarina Tarantino Sugar Cookie Strudel Earrings $32

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites holidays for many reasons. I love candy, pink, red, puppies, cards, flowers, chocolate, dessert, hearts, and did I mention pink? I’ve curated some of my favorite “pink” items from our store that would make perfect Valentine’s gifts for your lovely girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, (or your lovely self 😉 ).

1. I have one of these Pehr Designs totes and love how versatile it is. I take it grocery shopping, on weekend trips, to the airport, to the gym, to the post office, ANYWHERE. It’s also great because you can fold it up pretty small in your suitcase and take with you on a trip so you can fill it up with all your goodies for the trip back.

2. Rifle is one of my favorite product lines we carry. The gorgeous designs often feature painted florals and handwritten typography, like this Je T’Aime Card. What better way to say “I Love You” than in French???

3. In2Green Blankets were very  popular this year for Christmas presents, but this Serape throw is a perfect transition blanket from Winter to Spring. The hint of pinky coral makes it both pretty and versatile. Leave as a throw for your couch or put at the end of a bed to add some extra style and warmth.

4. Votivo makes the loveliest candles. The fragrances are balanced perfectly and leave the freshest scents in your home or office. Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than this Pink Mimosa candle that features the fragrance of strawberries, mimosas, and vanilla rum.

5. I think Valentine’s Day is not only about love, it’s about fun! These Tarina Tarantino Strudel earrings from the Sugar Cookie Collection are definitely very fun.  They are perfect for spring and summer, and will leave you smiling with the bright colors and floral design.

Now here are a couple more ways to say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day:

i love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck

Hello Beautiful Wooden Sign


These handmade and hand painted signs will be available online in the next few days. You can call 706-782-0388 or email for more information or we can take your order over the phone.


Rifle Paper Co Paper Products

Rifle Paper Co at Personify Shop

Rifle Paper Co Paper Products

Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co at Personify Shop

Rifle Paper Co was one of the product lines we knew we had to carry when we opened our shop. We believe strongly in handwritten notes and thank yous, journal keeping, sharing recipes, and writing down your grocery list… It’s one of the best ways to personalize your world- our motto!  Rifle’s paper products allow you to do all of things on gorgeous designs.

You’ll recognize Rifle’s classic flower designs which have become very popular in shower and wedding invitations. Rifle Paper Co was founded by husband and wife team Anna and Nathan Bond in 2009 and has grown tremendously in the past 4+ years. Anna’s illustrations and designs have molded the unique aesthetic and instantly recognizable prints featured on all the products.

I have always had to have paper products around to stay organized, even in this highly digital age. We even created our own stationary to send thank you notes to our customers – just because! Rifle’s designs are not only useful for staying organized (something I always highly suggest to my husband ;)), but they are the most beautiful paper products ever. I’ve had many people buy cards just to frame and hang them.

Here’s a few of my favorite Rifle products, available on

Rifle Paper Co Synchronized Swimmers Happy Birthday Card

Rifle Synchronized Swimmers

This card is one of our top sellers! It’s a lovely and fun way to say “Happy Birthday” to a guy or gal, someone young or old. The girls are so stylish and classy… This one is headed for the frame! It even comes with a metallic gold envelope.

Rifle Paper Co When Life Gives You Lemons Greeting Card

When Life Gives You Lemons Greeting Card

This is my personal favorite… What better way to cheer someone up with a vase full of fresh flowers and this lighthearted card. The gorgeous illustration of flowers and a glass of lemonade just emanates cheery and sunnier days for someone that needs a pick me up. The gold foil lettering is another special detail.

Rifle Paper Co Jardin Weekly Planner Desk Pad

Jardin Desk Pad

Desk pads are my favorite way to stay organized… you can write down your week’s appointments or jot down phone messages, shopping lists, and to do lists! The easy tear off pages make this desk pad even more versatile. And the best part is it’s outlined with a fantastic jungle garden illustration.

Rifle Paper Co Lemon Recipe Cards

Rifle Paper Co Lemon Recipe Cards

Ok, so I know that when someone wants a recipe these days they just go to their food board on Pinterest (I am all about that!) BUT I know you have those tried and true recipes that you don’t want to lose or that you want to share… These cards are the perfect and loveliest way to do that! Buy a pretty box (we have lots 🙂 ) and keep your favorite recipes safe and personal. It can be something you pass down. It would also be the best gift … write down your twelve favorite recipes, wrap in some pretty packaging, and give to that very lucky friend who appreciates your cooking.


We also have Rifle journals, stationary packs, notepads, and more greeting cards. Make that special someone actually feel special with a hand written note, recipe, or gift from Rifle Paper Co at Personify Shop.

Visit our physical location at 8452 Old 441 South, Lakemont, GA, 30552 if you’re in the area or shop online at!


Pendleton Blankets and Towels for Fall

We LOVE Pendleton here at Personify Shop and are so excited to see the Fall 2014 catalog. Pendleton Wool & Blankets was one of the first product lines we knew we had to carry here at Personify Shop! The gorgeous patterns, colors, and materials that make us drool over their products have the spotlight in the new catalog. Fall is the perfect time to rock the classic vintage Pendleton patterns but in their bold modern colors!

We carry some of our favorite Pendleton products at Personify Shop. Message us on FB or call at 706-782-0388  and we can process your order over the phone.

Pendleton Patterned Beach Towels

The Pendleton Beach towels are a Personify Shop favorite! The GIANT dimensions and to die for feel (not to mention the fabulous patterns and colors) make it hard to use any other beach towel. They could even be used for a super luxurious bathroom set .

Pendleton Patterned Campnig Blankets

The Pendleton camping blankets are a classic wool material with a vintage, but still modern look. Another Personify Shop favorite!

Here’s a look at our newest shipment of Pendleton Beach Towels (we even have the classic Glacier Park stripe):

Personify Shop's Pendleton Spider Rock TowelsSpider Rock Towel with The Plains Star Towel

Personify Shop's Pendleton Towels Journey WestThe Journey West Towel with the Plains Star Towel

Personify Shop's Pendleton Towels The Plains Star Towel with the classic Glacier Stripe Towel

Rock some Pendleton in your outdoor adventures this fall and you will sure to be stylish AND comfortable.