Pendleton Blankets and Towels for Fall

We LOVE Pendleton here at Personify Shop and are so excited to see the Fall 2014 catalog. Pendleton Wool & Blankets was one of the first product lines we knew we had to carry here at Personify Shop! The gorgeous patterns, colors, and materials that make us drool over their products have the spotlight in the new catalog. Fall is the perfect time to rock the classic vintage Pendleton patterns but in their bold modern colors!

We carry some of our favorite Pendleton products at Personify Shop. Message us on FB or call at 706-782-0388  and we can process your order over the phone.

Pendleton Patterned Beach Towels

The Pendleton Beach towels are a Personify Shop favorite! The GIANT dimensions and to die for feel (not to mention the fabulous patterns and colors) make it hard to use any other beach towel. They could even be used for a super luxurious bathroom set .

Pendleton Patterned Campnig Blankets

The Pendleton camping blankets are a classic wool material with a vintage, but still modern look. Another Personify Shop favorite!

Here’s a look at our newest shipment of Pendleton Beach Towels (we even have the classic Glacier Park stripe):

Personify Shop's Pendleton Spider Rock TowelsSpider Rock Towel with The Plains Star Towel

Personify Shop's Pendleton Towels Journey WestThe Journey West Towel with the Plains Star Towel

Personify Shop's Pendleton Towels The Plains Star Towel with the classic Glacier Stripe Towel

Rock some Pendleton in your outdoor adventures this fall and you will sure to be stylish AND comfortable.


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